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Instagram Power Likes

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What is a Power Like?

Simply put, power likes can be defined as likes from reputable Instagram accounts with high engagement.

We have a massive network consisting of accounts ranging from 10K to 1M followers! The way power likes work is that once these “powerful” accounts like your post, it gets exposed to their entire follower base. This is all done by Instagram’s Algorithm, which showcases your post on the “Explore Page” of their followers. When an account with 100K followers likes your post, your post shows up on the explore page of the 100K followers! If they engage with your post, it then appears on their explore page and it turns into a huge spiral. This is what is known as “going viral.”

Our service provides multiple hundred power likes from such big accounts to put you in front of a network consisting of 200M+ followers. The more likes you opt for, the more exposure you get!



  • No Social Media Passwords Needed.
  • Real Marketing Through Like/Follow/View/Share Exchange Channels.
  • No post limits, we will send likes to ALL posts during 30 days
  • All powerlikes accounts have between 2k - 1m followers
  • 208 million follower network
  • Rank on #hashtags & explore
  • Start receiving likes within minutes

    What’s so cool about being on the explore page?

    Being on the explore page will get your page the ultimate exposure. We have seen users get anywhere from 500 all the way to 8,000 followers from a single post getting on the explore page! Even better, getting on the explore page over and over, is how one gets verified, it is a process, so you might as well get started now.

    How To Get Started:

    • Enter Your Instagram Post Link Above. 
    • Add To Cart and Complete Checkout.
    • Within minutes you will receive an alert that your campaign has started running.
    • You will start seeing results in minutes.