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Write a recruiting BIO
Your Instagram BIO is often the first thing someone reads when they look at your Instagram profile.

In your Instagram BIO, you show who you are, what you do, what the benefits are to follow you and you write a short call-to-action to potential followers. This way, you get the most out of your Instagram profile.

Use the right hashtags
With Instagram you can search on a particular hashtag, here you can strategically respond by placing frequently used hashtags in your post. Make sure that the hashtags are relevant for your post and targeted group. With this, you can quickly expand your targeted group and followers number.

Post regularly & structurally
Post at specific times, so your followers can be sure that a photo will be posted and they will view it on their timeline.


Promotion on Instagram
Many large accounts are set up as a hobby but do not know how to make a real business out of it. Often the owners are happy with a few euros, or a few bucks. Is there an account in your market that can really make a difference for your business? Send the owner of that Instagram account a DM, often there are possibilities for a small payment to get your mail or post on that account.

Give your face a face
Who is behind the company? Post some 'behind the scenes' photos and videos. Let your loyal followers on Instagram meet the team behind the company logo. This creates a stronger bond between your followers and your company. You create trust showing that real people work in your company.

Embed Instagram posts on your website
Do you have a blog or a website? Embed your  Instagram posts on that blog or post your team photo via Instagram on your website. This gives visitors the option to like your photo directly or to respond to your photo or video. They can also follow you directly with two clicks. 

Follow & Like similar accounts
On Instagram, there is a 'discover' function. There are often accounts that are similar to yours. When you only follow accounts about football, football fans will find your account on the discover page or Instagram suggestions. Just because you are more relevant.

Buy Instagram Followers & Likes [NOT DONE!]
Do you want a lot of new Instagram Likes & Instagram Followers fast? Then, of course, you can also buy it. You will all get less engaged profiles and profiles that do not fit into your target group BUT, your Instagram account grows quickly. You can easily buy cheap and real instagram followers online.


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