11 Proven Tactics To Grow Your Facebook Page Fanbase

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Growing your fan base is not just about the numbers. You can get the numbers without any effort these days: page likes, posts likes or comments, shares. You can get anything really. But that’s not the point of having a Facebook presence.

It’s all about the community. You don’t want just fans, you want engaged fans. Engaged fans will bring other engaged fans with the word-of-mouth being in your favour.

The next step is to send your fans to your website. So the ultimate goal is to bring your genuine and engaged Facebook audience to your website and grow your business.

The more super fans you have on your Facebook page, the more engagement you will have around your updates.


#1 Add A Like Box Or Button To Your Website

#2 Connect Your Personal Profile With Your Pages

#3 Make Sure Your Current Audience Knows About Your Facebook Page

#4 Link To Your Facebook Page In Your Email Signature And Forum Or Community Profiles

#5 Ask Your Fans On Other Social Platforms To Follow Your Facebook Page

#6 Interact As Your Page

#7 Be Active On Facebook Groups

#8 Guest Blogging

#9 Add Share Buttons To Your Blog

#10 Add A HelloBar To Your Website

#11 Use Popup-us That Request Likes Instead Of E-mails

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